GIV.NYC 12.01.2015

December 1, Giving Tuesday, a Global Celebration of Giving. GIV.NYC brought together companies, causes, and communities for a great night of making connections!

These 10 great causes shown below are tackling BIG issues in NYC. We started with 58 causes, and through 2 rounds of engagement, we now have our final 10 and we need YOUR VOTE to determine which cause should win $10,000 and more. 

Voting closes at 11:59 PM on 12/1. Final results will be announced here on December 2nd at 10 AM EST. 

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Phase 1:  September 15 - October 31

Causes invited to register for GIV.NYC 2015.

Phase 2:  October 31 - November 9

Review and approval of causes for participation. 

Phase 3: November 10 - 23

The GIV.NYC online community chooses its favorite causes.

Phase 4: November 23-30

The top twenty five causes are revealed.
Favoriting continues to determine the top ten.

Phase 5: December 1

GIV.NYC live event features pitches from the top ten favorite causes.
Attendees and viewers choose their favorites.

Phase 6: December 2

Grant winners announced!  




1 person gets unlimited favorites (whenever adding favorites is allowed).

1 person gets 1 vote (whenever voting is allowed).

A vote can be changed as many times as needed until 11:59 PM PST, December 1. 

Grant winners will be announced by Givkwik at 10 AM EST, December 2. 

To choose your favorites and/or vote, create an account with Givkwik.

Voting will occur at the event and on-line by people watching our live stream. 

Each live pitch by the top ten causes will be 2 minutes in duration.

Votes can be made in person at the event and on-line on this same website.