NY Junior Tennis & Learning NY

The mission of New York Junior Tennis & Learning is to prepare children to achieve success throughout their lives. Through tennis, academic enrichment, healthy living and character development programs, NYJTL teaches life and tennis skills to 45,300 underserved K-12 youth throughout New York City. Since its founding in 1971 by tennis champions Arthur Ashe, Charles Pasarell, and Skip Hartman, the goal of NYJTL is to develop the character of young people through tennis, emphasizing the ideals and life of US Open and Wimbledon champion Arthur Ashe by reaching out to young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and play tennis; instilling the values of humanitarianism, leadership and academic excellence; and introducing the opportunity to fully develop their tennis skills and competitive potential for a lifetime of enjoyment. NYJTL is now the largest provider of youth tennis and education programs in the nation, providing year-round direct services to more than 13,300 youth in 26 comprehensive school-based and 68 community-based programs in New York City. The programs operate Monday through Friday for three hours after school and all day during the summer session. Additional tournaments and programs are held on weekends outside of school. All are free of charge. In addition, NYJTL reaches nearly 32,000 students in 119 schools by implementing annual training services for physical education teachers committed to including tennis in their school curriculum. More than 80% of the youth served by NYJTL programs are from high-poverty households and more than 65% are African American or Hispanic.