Quixote Center MD

Founded in 1976, the Quixote Center is a faith-based, social justice center working with people who have few resources for their struggles. We strive to make our world, our nation, and our church more just, peaceful and equitable in their policies and practices. As a multi-issue social justice center, we sponsor programs in diverse fields of work: Quest for Peace is our 20-year Nicaraguan solidarity effort; Alliance for Responsible Trade promotes new visions for trade justice; Haiti Reborn promotes just U.S. policies, reforestation, and women's rights in Haiti; Justice Matters is the Quixote Center's criminal justice program, which includes Books to Prisons and the Grassroots Investigation Project; Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance Fair trades arts and crafts to benefit Nicaraguan artisans. Other projects include Interfaith Voices Radio and Catholics Speak Out.