Orangutan Foundation International CA

Our mission is to support the conservation and the understanding of orangutans and their habitat, tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia, while caring for and rehabilitating ex-captive orangutans for release into the wild. In order to preserve forest ecosystems we empower local communities in Borneo through economic development and education initiatives. We raise awareness of orangutan and forest issues throughout the world through field research, publication of books, scientific reports, articles, and newsletters as well as lectures, conferencesand events. OFI was established in 1986 by Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas and a group of concerned scientists and lay people. Since its inception OFI has rescued and returned to the wild over 450 orangutans in Indonesian Borneo and has protected over one million acres of rainforest. OFI has worked with Indonesian government and local communities in Borneo to expand national parks, and buy forest from local people/communities to protect.