National Relief Charities TX

NRC provides humanitarian relief through material aid and educational assistance for America's Indian reservations. We work on over 75 poverty-stricken reservations year round, which are served on the basis of need. In addition to material aid, NRC seeks to enhance the strides already being made in reservation communities by supporting their work in process and building more capacity. Our approach of honoring local determination is respectful and supportive of more self-sufficient American Indian communities. We partner with existing reservation programs to do this. NRC has over 1,000 such Program Partners. All of our support is designed to help reservation communities meet the basic human needs of their people, such as nutrition, preventative healthcare and health education, school supplies and scholarships, and winter or weather emergencies. Our programs are AIRC, CIN, AIEF, NRF, NAA, SWIRC, SNRF, and ROAR. We help improve quality of life for over 300,000 American Indians a year.