Mentors International UT

Mission To help the hardworking poor in developing countries become self reliant so they can lift themselves, their families and their employees from poverty. We also seek to educate and inspire those having the means and desire to assist the impoverished with proven methods that extend a hand up, not a handout. Vision Ending poverty in developing countries by inspiring the world's poor through business mentoring. Background In 1990, Enterprise Mentors International (Mentors) was established to help poor entrepreneurs overcome the two critical barriers to growth - capital and capacity. As of March 2011, Mentors has served nearly 330,161 families. In addition, we have provided 266,100 loans at an average of $160 each for a total of nearly $42 million loaned. What financials don't show - we have grown more in the last 4 years. 1990-2007 1990-2007 Active Clients 20,096 41,409 Family Impact 120,576 257,094 New Jobs 1,215 4,888 Dollars lent $24,478,742 $41,779,78