Desire Street Ministries GA

Desire Street Ministries (DSM) began in 1990 in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans, LA. By the time Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, DSM had established a church, started a junior-senior high school for 200 African-American males, partnered to provide a children's medical clinic for neighbors without adequate transportation, sponsored community gardening projects and various community development initiatives.

The storm both forced DSM out of its home and pushed it forward in its plan for replication. Today, the ministry employs strategic partnerships to effectively and efficiently expand their reach to hundreds of inner-city children and their families in FL, GA, AL, LA and TX. As an intermediary organization, DSM is using its resources to develop thriving, sustainable urban ministries by offering coaching and encouragement to ministry leaders, as well as support, and assistance with ministry and business strategies, fundraising and development.