Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid TX

Founded in 1998, Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid is an ecumenical, interdenominational lay ministry serving churches and missionaries throughout the United States and the world to provide food, water, and medical supplies to those most in need. A disaster relief organization with a goal for humanitarian aid, the Alliance is joined with more than 300 churches and church organizations around the world and ships millions of pounds of relief support to the poor, hungry, sick, and homeless every year. The mission of Christian Alliance is to help meet the needs of people who are victims of poverty, natural disasters, disease and famine while providing mission opportunities to individuals wishing to share God's love. The organization has completed and shipped over 100 Mobile Medical Units (MMU)'s, built from shipping containers, and participated with projects in over 58 countries with over 40,000 volunteers. A Capital Campaign is ongoing to secure real estate for our projects.