American Foundation For Children With AIDS PA

American Foundation For Children With Aids (AFCA) helps HIV+/AIDS children and their guardians in sub-Saharan Africa who have no other access to aid. AFCA provides critical AIDS and related medications, medical equipment and supplies, nutritional supplements, and emergency supplies that are requested by the institutions in its targeted areas. Currently, AFCA is working in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. AFCA is committed to combat HIV/AIDS by providing care for HIV+ children, their HIV+ guardians and HIV+ pregnant women. We do this by: partnering with reliable, community based programs; finding Americans who want to become long-term child sponsors; assisting access to care through support of Mulago Hospital, Mikindani Community Based Project, St. Mary's Hospitals, St. Joseph's Home of Hope, St. Theresa's Orphanage, and ZOE.