The Women's Annex Foundation is now known as the Digital Citizen Fund.  

We Are Teaching Young Women How To Design Superheroes in Afghanistan. 

Why? Because the concept of superheroes doesn't exist in Afghan culture. Because you already know who young people might turn to in worn-torn countries with very few role models to inspire them. We are teaching our students about superheroes, then helping them design their own. In doing so, they're learning how to use graphic design and (soon) 3D printing software on desktop and tablet computers. With your help, we will also teach them business and marketing skills to turn their designs into action figurines available for sale in their own communities (and abroad). In turn, these young women will become superheroes (and business leaders) in their own communities - and it all starts with you. Your insightful advice and generous support in this early stage of our fundraising campaign will change the lives of many young women. Follow the instructions below to learn how you can help or click the INFO button to learn how your generous donation will impact our mission! 

Vote For Your Favorite Three Superheroes!

Click MORE to review each design and learn its story in the words of the artist herself. Then VOTE for your favorite three superheroes. You can vote up to three times a day. The three superheroes with the most votes will win a tablet computer for the artists and a 3D printer for their schools!  

Who Were Your Superheroes and What Were Their Special Powers?

Was it Superman, who could leap tall buildings in a single bound or Wonder Woman, with her superior strength and combat skills? Have you noticed that some of the superheroes above have the special powers and skills to do things that can be easily taken for granted - such as promoting education or donating school supplies? These simple ideas speak to the heart of the opportunity for real change in Afghanistan and why we need your help! DONATE TODAY.