How It Works

Get Together.

Our technology platform empowers your employees, your customers, or your friends and family to easily decide - together - how and where to give to great causes. 

Plug in. 

It's like having your own foundation, but without all the hassle and expense. We help you create engagement campaigns, provide detailed reporting and analytics, and integrate your campaigns with social media. 

Spread Love

Why? Because employees and customers LOVE companies who involve them in philanthropy. But the cost of building all of the above yourself or paying some run-of-the-mill digital agency to build it for you is just too darn high. That limits you from doing more, more often. Until now.

More To Know: 

To cover our costs, Givkwik is entitled to charge a 10% fee to the manager of the Givkwik Fund (Impact Assets) for donations made into it (this includes the cost of processing the financial transaction as well as software design and development; financial operations; campaign visual and user experience design and technical project management; as well as social media technology integration, marketing, and communications). The Givkwik Fund also charges a 1.5% fee per each donation transaction made into it. This covers the cost of managing the fund itself. Together, Givkwik and Impact Assets ensure that 88.5% of funds donated are redistributed as grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. At no time will Givkwik take possession of funds. For more information about the Givkwik Fund, please click here.

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