FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Givkwik for?

For companies: Givkwik helps companies engage customers and employees in corporate philanthropy. Givkwik reinvents matching gifts and cause marketing programs to involve more people in company philanthropy, thereby increasing rates of employee engagement and satisfaction with their brand.

For individuals: Givkwik helps people discover causes and, with one tax-deductible donation and one receipt, support more causes together with their friends without having to enter in their credit card information every single time. 

For causes: Givkwik helps causes share their stories in campaigns sponsored by corporate clients and create solutions for individuals to discover causes and support them with donations. On a limited basis, Givkwik provides fundraising strategy & technology services directly to causes. 

What does Givkwik do?

Givkwik provides web based tools and services to empower a company to share acts of philanthropy with an audience of friends, customers and/or employees. The Givkwik team works closely with companies to design individualized giving campaigns to suit their needs, provide a customized platform to allow individuals to vote for their preferred causes, provide access to thousands of causes, process individual donations of $5 more, distribute grants to winning causes on their behalf, and provide data insights and dashboard reporting throughout the duration of a campaign. Basically, Givkwik does everything it possibly can to make the giving experience enjoyable for everyone involved. 

What is a campaign?

Givkwik's campaigns engage an audience of employees, customers or friends in the decision-making process for your philanthropy. In a campaign, people vote for their favorite causes and the winners receive your grant(s). There are a variety of campaigns available. Check out our Demo section to see a few examples. 

Who picks the causes featured in a campaign?

You can pick the causes in your company's campaign (or designate someone you choose). Virtually any 501(c)(3) nonprofit is eligible to be featured in your campaign. Right now we have thousands of causes available for you and will soon add hundreds of thousands more! We will work directly with the cause, on your behalf, to acquire the necessary story-telling assets in order to feature their cause in your campaign. 

Who will see the campaign?

Anyone you choose. We can make your campaign private, so that only a designated audience (like your employees) gets to participate. Or, we can make your campaign public, so that your customers can participate as well.

What does Givkwik charge?

First, our arrangement with Impact Assets (which currently manages the Givkwik Fund) entitles us to 10% of every transaction processed on our platform. Our 10% fee includes the cost of credit card fees (between 2-3% of every donation). The remaining estimated 7% per transaction covers everything else Givkwik does such as: software design and development; financial operations and grant distribution; campaign design and project management; and social media marketing and communications. 

Second, Impact Assets charges 1.5% of every transaction made into the Givkwik Fund. This fee covers the cost of managing the assets held within the fund. 

Third, that means a total of 11.5% of every transaction will be deducted from the value of a donation made into the Givkwik Fund before it is redistributed to nonprofits rewarded grants through our corporate campaigns and individual donor selections. 

There are no monthly or subscription fees for causes to be listed and to participate in our campaigns.

There are no subscription fees for companies or individual donors to use our service. 

We may charge companies professional services fees (instead of or in addition to charging our transaction fees) to develop customized campaigns for them. 

Finally, we are committed to regular reviews of our fee structure and will continue to work for efficiencies in our system which may allow us to reduce our fees when and where possible.

Where are campaigns found?

Givkwik campaigns can be hosted on your website or social media page, on our website featuring your branding or any designated third-party website of your choosing.

How do we get started?

Create an account, then make a donation to the Givkwik Fund to fund your account. Alternatively, if you already have a Donor Advised Fund with another provider, contact us to discuss how we can help you transfer the funds in your DAF to the Givkwik Fund.

Can I speak with someone at Givkwik?

Sure! Email us at info@givkwik.com or call us at (724) 485-9451, we'd happy to answer your questions about registration. 

How and when are grants disbursed?

Charitable grants to participating nonprofits are processed by Givkwik and disbursed from the Givkwik Fund according to the following parameters. First, the terms and conditions of the corporate campaign in which the nonprofit is featured. This means that we may negotiate different terms for different clients regarding when grants will be disbursed. So that means that a participating nonprofit might get paid either before, during or after a campaign's completion. Second, grants that reflect the allocations of individual donors using Givkwik are disbursed on a monthly basis, so long as the grant allocation exceeds the financial minimum of $50 and that the participating nonprofit can accept the funds electronically through a Paypal account. If a check disbursement is required, the financial minimum for grant disbursement is $100. Further details regarding the Givkwik Fund are available here

How do I get a Tax ID or EIN?

Go here and good luck! 

How do I know that I have successfully completed my cause's story?

The top, right hand side of the Empowering Story Creator page displays a checklist. If all the checks in the checklist appear, your story is ready to be reviewed by the Givkwik team. All stories are reviewed by the Givkwik team before they are published. We will notify you when your story is published and available to review on the Givkwik website.

How much does it cost to register?

There is ZERO cost to register your 501(c)(3) nonprofit with Givkwik. 

I began the nonprofit registration process earlier but now I can't get back in to the account I created. [Cont'd]

...I tried resetting my password and it does not recognize my email address. But, I was in the system earlier this morning. What’s up?

When you provided your email address at givkwik.com/join you were not actually creating a Givkwik log-in account at that moment. Just return to the email we sent you encouraging you to activate your account. Click the link inside that email and it will bring you right back to where you started.

It looks like I've successfully completed my cause's story and profile. What's next?

Sit tight. We’ll let you know if and/or when:

  1. We have any questions or requests to make changes to your profile

  2. A Corporate sponsor has chosen your organization for a Givkwik campaign

My nonprofit received an email encouraging us to register for an employee engagement campaign. Does this mean we've won a grant?

No. The emails we send on behalf of our clients simply means that you might win a grant if our client chooses to include your organization for a campaign. Rest assured, you’ll know for certain if/when you have earned a grant from our clients. In the meantime, you should probably submit your profile for Givkwik. As they say, “you’ve got to be in it, to win it!”

The picture I have just uploaded in the profile does not seem to appear/display. Why?

Adding pictures to your story is a two step process. The first step is to upload your photos using the UPLOAD button. Once you Add Files and click UPLOAD, the progress bar will go from 0% to 100% if successful. After that, click CLOSE on the UPLOAD window. Then, click CHOOSE to find the photo you have just uploaded and add it to the particular section of your story.  

What if our nonprofit is not based in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, Givkwik is only for U.S. based nonprofits, right now. 

What if we are not yet a 501(c)(3)?

If you are not yet a 501(c)(3), you can also coordinate with an organization to act as your Fiscal Sponsor

What if we don't have a website or social media?

Not having a website or a presence on social media in this day and age could be a challenge for donors or corporate sponsors to consider your nonprofit organization for receiving their donations or sponsorships. Contact us here and we might be able to help you find a partner to build your website or help you develop a social media strategy. Good luck! 

What is a Fiscal Sponsor?

From WikipediaFiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the organization's missions. It typically involves a fee-based contractual arrangement between a project and an established non-profit. If that helped, you should considering giving to Wikimedia Foundation.  

What is a Tax ID or EIN?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a federal tax identification number (aka "Tax ID"), and is used to identify a business entity. For more information, visit the IRS website.

What is the average amount granted?

Grants can be funded by individuals or by companies, and it really just depends on what our clients desires are philanthropically. Grants can be as small as $50, provided your organization has a PayPal account. Otherwise the smallest grant by check will be $100. 

Our technology can support campaigns of all sizes. For instance, we have worked with a small business to give away $500; a group of 6 businesses to give away $100k worth of services and cash prizes; and a large global firm to give away $1.5 million. 

Why do you ask my role in the organization?

We ask for your role in your organization so that we know little more about you and get a hint to how your organization makes decisions. 

Why do you need my email and phone number?

We need your email and phone number so we can let you know about different available opportunities or discuss aspects of your submission. 

What about matching gifts?

We can reinvent your company's matching gifts programs and make it easier for everyone involved. Your company can make a donation into the Givkwik Fund, then share the decisions on where to direct those funds with your employees. Contact us to create a pre-funded Givkwik account for each of your employees. Then, when an employee requests your company to match her donation, simply encourage her to log in to her account at Givkwik, find her favorite cause in our databse then direct the amount she has in her Givkwik account to her favorite cause. We'll handle the distribution of the grant on your behalf and report back to you on a regular basis. Your employees can access and choose from either a curated or open database of nonprofits. You can set your own match ratios and we can customize the log-in experience according to your branding guidelines. 

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