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Givkwik is a tech company on a mission to transform philanthropy. We help companies give away money in simple and fun ways that engage more of their employees and customers. Why? Because sharing simple and fun giving experiences can drive traffic to a company’s website and keep them there longer, while also reducing cost. How? We make it easier to connect people and businesses with nonprofits. We make it more affordable to give more often. So that anyone can become a philanthropist. For Whom? For businesses, we make it a snap to get employees and customers involved in corporate philanthropy. For nonprofits, we make it easy to engage corporate sponsors and find new donors. This is a solution for anyone who wants to give - with friends, with employees, with customers. Now that's powerful. That's Givkwik.

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Increase brand loyalty with simple, fun and social ways to get customers and employees involved in philanthropy.

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Discover more causes. Donate as little as an opinion or as much money as you like, all at the press of a button.

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